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Michelle Bonner, Owner Bonner Consulting Group


Every business has a story. Michelle Bonner has spent her entire career telling some of those stories. A 20-year Emmy, Associated Press & Murrow award-winning television anchor and reporter at the local and network levels, Bonner Consulting Group offers something other media relations professionals don’t – an expert on how the media works and what makes a good story, which is the cornerstone of any media relations practice. She knows how to get you, your business, your message and your brand in front of the media that matter most. Leveraging her infinite number of contacts in the media, Michelle will help increase your company’s visibility to compliment its branding, leading to increased profit levels.

Sports Media Training

The power and reach that traditional and social media provides has forever changed the game for athletes, coaches & front office staff. With over 20-years of experience in front of the camera conducting thousands of interviews, Michelle Bonner is an award-winning journalist and an expert on how the media works and how the media can shape a brand or an image.

Bonner Consulting Group provides the best media training for athletes, coaches, athletic departments and front office executives & staff. It is our missions to provide clients with the necessary skills to handle all public & social communications thoughtfully and strategically.

Executive Media Training, Public Speaking & Coaching

The bar for effectively communicating your message has been raised. Bonner Consulting Group will help you and your executives develop a professional presence with customized training. Learn to speak in public with confidence and deliver effective and memorable communications. Whether it’s internal communications or external, deliver the right message at the right time.

Public & Media Relations

Bring your company, brand and story into the conversation. Go beyond the traditional press release and let Bonner Consulting Group tell your story. BCG will utilize its established relationships in the media to get you, your company and your brand recognized. Create an effective campaign that influences your target audience.

Executive Coaching & Search

Finding the ‘right’ coach or executive can be an arduous process. Our team not only provides a personalized and meticulous search effort, but Bonner Consulting Group also expedites the process for identifying the most qualified talent for our clients.

BCG can lead pointed and focused executive searches for colleges and prep schools. Specializing in, but not limited to coaching and athletic administrator searches, the professionals at BCG have decades of experience in the college game. The contacts, organizational skills, and passion the professionals at BCG possess will help pinpoint the right executive for your open position.

Speaking Engagements

Michelle Bonner is available for public and private speaking engagements, keynote speeches, moderator and panel discussions. As an expert media personality, Michelle speaks to athletes, coaches, front office staff, executives, prep schools, universities and businesses about a variety of topics, including how to navigate a digital world and adjust to the impact of social & traditional media.

On Air Coaching & Development

Improve on-camera performance. Our specialized training will help your talent become more confident, connect with the viewer and increase credibility. Michelle Bonner has been an award-winning TV anchor, reporter and host for more than 20-years and is an expert at how to perform with flawless execution.
Creative Attention, Perfect Execution, Improved Results.